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" Overall, it’s an amazing experience for me in the KAI Image Academy. KAI Trainers were really helpful and always patient in teaching or answering my questions. The syllabus really preparing me to be precise and quick handed in makeup.

The entire process from the beginning till the final assessment project prepare us for the pressures in the makeup and fashion industry. 
I’ll definitely miss the friendship formed here at KAI! "


PRO Makeup Artist


"Saya bangga kerana berpeluang belajar teknik solekan daripada seorang guru yang digeruni dan disanjungi di peringkat kebangsaan dan antarabangsa.

Belajar solekan di KAI bukan sahaja membentuk peribadi saya yang kini yakin dan terampil, saya juga berpeluang mengikuti aktiviti-aktivitidi luar kelas seperti Cosmobeaute dan banyak lagi. Sifu Kenzooi yang sangat peramah dan penyabar membuatkan saya tidak pernah rasa kekok di dalam kelas walalupun dikelilingi oleh rakan yang berbilang kaum. ​Akhir kata, Kaiimage merupakan sekolah solekan yang terbaik di Malaysia. Terima kasih Sifu Kenzooi. Terima Kasih Kaiimage. :)  "

Ferliana Caroline

PRO Makeup Artist



学院给我许多出外的实习化妆机会,我们能够在踏入职业生涯前体验化妆行内的工作及学习应付一些比课堂内更多的挑战! "
" Belajar di KAI Academy adalah pengalaman terbaik yang pernah rasakan dalam hidup. Saya mendapatkan teori, praktik, & latihan yang tak terlupakan. Makeup yang dipelajari bisa memperbaiki dan membuat kelebihan pada wajah model kita. Prasarana di KAI juga sangat baik dan menguntungkan murid seperti saya yang dari luar negara.  Sifu KENZOOI juga pengajar yang terbaik dimana ia setiap saat memberikan tunjuk ajar langsung, penyabar, dan selalu mampu memotivasi saya untuk terus berkembang dan percaya kepada kemampuan diri. Terima kasih banyak KAI Academy. Sukses terus KAI !"

Novita Tjendekia

PRO Makeup Artist


Nadhira Arisssa

PRO Makeup Artist


“ My passion for makeup has always been with me since I was a little girl.  Here at KAIIMAGE, I was given the opportunity to brush my creativity skills to full potential. I have now bloomed into a more confident and eccentric makeup artist.

Thank you sifu Kenzooi and everyone for believing in me! ”

Melodie Yap

PRO Makeup Artist


“ I’m glad and feel lucky to choose Kai Image Academy to advance my skills as a professional Makeup Artist.  I gained a lot of new makeup techniques and skills from Master Kenzooi.
This place gathered many student from different places that  make my times at KAI enjoyable with friendly environment. Difinitely, i would recommend this place for those who want a Professional Makeup Artist as the career!!
I Love Kaiimage Academy ^-^ ”

“ Overall, learning experience at KAIIMAGE was excellent. I am so delighted with the system and the trainer Stephanie and Master KENZOOI as they had taught me so well.

Master Kenzooi is a very talented and great teacher. I would recommend this school as your 1st choice learning academy as the facilities are immaculate comfortable and up to date.
Thank you for having me as your student, all the best KAIIMAGE! Lots of love xoxo! ”


PRO Makeup Artist


“ What an amazing MASTER CLASS Makeup Course I have had in KAI IMAGE Academy. I have learnt so much and gained vast amounts of confidence in my skills. I have met great people but most importantly wonderful tutors who have taught me incredible lessons. A fast paced few weeks to launch me into a fast - faced industry. Thank you again. ”
" I absolutely love this school. I have learned so much in makeup and hairstyles. I begin my class with zero knowledge in makeup career, and graduated with strong makeup skills with passion to be professional makeup artists.

KAI Academy not just teach me theory in class but also give me a chance to do practical on real event. I was able to go to beauty pageant & theatrical to put make up on the runway models. It is a very valueble experinces for me to grow in my new career as a makeup artist!

Not only will you be happy with the program, but the staff is "AMAZING!!!!" Master KENZOOI, the founder of the school is so talented that I can actually say that it's an honor to learn from the best.  Thanks KAI Image! "

Carol Goo

PRO Makeup Artist



PRO Makeup Artist



PRO Makeup Artist


" KAI Academy has given me a great knowledge and full exposure into this field. With the training quality given by Master Kenzooi, I am confident in my ability to serve my future client.  "

Vanessa Singh

PRO Makeup Artist


" Well, I did a lot of research before choosing to attend KAI Image Academy. I must say it was the perfect choice! ​ The whole staff is very welcoming and make everything so much fun which makes the classes so easy. 
I loved my time in KAI Image Academy and made wonderful friends. I learnt more than expected and gain experiences. I had to say that KAI is the best Makeup School In Southeast Asia. Master Kenzooi is super cool and funny! "


PRO Makeup Artist


Fran Koni Fung

PRO Makeup Artist . Beautician


"Master Kenzooi my dedicated AWESOME Makeup Trainer!! His Training, Skills and Technique is cool as the person he is.

Very impressive on handling the International Makeup workshops too!Learn the PRO Skills in makeup technique from KAI Image Academy~ No Regrets!! "

Sharmaine Elvera

PRO Makeup Artist


"Being part of KAI has made a big diffrence in my life. Kenzooi has helped mould me into the professional I am today, by immediately taking me under his wing and grooming me in ways I didn’t know possible.

I will never forget how during my first class, Sifu actually pointed out how thin and short my eyebrows were and from then on they have been perfect ever since.

KAI doesn’t just teach you about image. KAI teaches you about ‘Kaifidence’ Image. Learning and experincing a lot of pageants and outdoor activity is all part of being a student here, part of the family. I will never fully be able to express my appreaciation in so little words but this about sums it all up."

Nur Maisarah

PRO Makeup Artist


" Being in KAI has made a big different in my life. When I first came here, I am new to makeup thing. Master Kenzooi really helped me a lot.

I never knew that being a makeup artist is what I want to do in my life. KAI also helped me to learn communicate with others and gained more confidence in what I do.  "

Bahareh Kamri

PRO Makeup Artist


I spent many times to search makeup academy to attend the course and finally I choose Kaiimage Academy. Why I prefer to register in Kai?

First, they are too active in most International event & many people know Kai Academy in Malaysia & oversea.

Secondly, I like style & method of makeup in Kaiimage Academy. "