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Coffee, Tea & Snack Served

Cosmetic will be provided during training

Hands-On Practical


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Who should attend

If you are beginner, who have zero knowledge about makeup, this 4 hours makeup workshop will be right for you to start off. You will be taught in a workshop manner and our experts will assist you to step by step during your hands-on practical.

Want to know how to look confident? With the right makeup technique will help you to enhance and explore your own personality. Sometimes you feel disappointed with your way of daily makeup that doesn't work for you. Our expert will share with you the inside of makeup.

​Let's us help you gain more confidence and be transformed.

What you will learn

Skin Preparation Essentials
Learn about essentials cosmetics
What tools do You need to make up
Types of makeup brushes
Foundation color choice
Highlight & contouring
Color Coordination
Mascara & eyeliner application
Smokey eye techniques
Day natural makeup
Blush application
False lashes fixing skill
Eyebrow design that suitable for you
How to clean your brushes
How to properly remove daily makeup
How to reshape your lips
Touch up techniques