Master Creative Airbrush Makeup Artist Program


Trained by our Airbrush Makeup Expert  Mr. Kenzooi.

Award Winning Fashion Makeup Artist in Asia with 30 years of experience in makeup industry.

Airbrush makeup is the makeup that use compressor and a airbrush gun and use it to spray a very fine mist with a airbrush foundation and it create very fine and thin layer of foundation that can offer a sheer as well as coverage imperfection. Its provides flawless finish and yet still looks natural.

In the past many years, the demands of using airbrush makeup for normal and wedding makeup become more popular. Many Makeup Artist offer their wedding makeup packages with airbrush makeup services. It is an advantage to learn and offer additional makeup services using airbrush while some other

makeup artist can't.

Airbrush Makeup

Knowing how to airbrush makeup definitely is an advantage in your makeup career.

Why wait? How time flies! If we are still at no where. Learn now and market your makeup business.

Airbrush Colours

You need special colours specially made for airbrush makeup use.

Theres airbrush foundation, airbrush blush, airbrush shadow, airbrush Brow and etc.

Airbrush Compressor & Airbrush Gun

Airbrush Dual Action Gun with better airbrush control.

Airbrush Compressor with built in chargeable battery can let you work on airbrush makeup even you do not have the power supply in that area.

What You Learn ?

Healthy & Safety Procedures Introduction to airbrushing

Introduction of equipment for airbrush and compressors

Assemble and disassembling your airbrush gun

Troubleshooting ( Dealing with common problems )

Airbrush products knowledge:

Airbrush Colors Formulations

Understand Compressor PSI

How to hold and use airbrush

Airbrush control movement exercise

Airbrush point, aim and shoot exercise

How to control pressure from the airbrush gun

Prepping the skin for airbrush makeup application

Concealing with airbrush

Sheer Flawless Foundation Vs Full coverage Flawless Foundation

Dewy effect with airbrush makeup

understand Airbrush Foundation Shades

How to Mixing Airbrush Foundation

Combining conventional makeup techniques with airbrush makeup

Sculpting face shape using airbrush highlight and contour

Creating airbrush shadow design for a natural day outlooks

Learn to use stencils for Air Brow

Creating a bridal look  for day or night wedding occasion

How to work with stencils for airbrush makeup

Create a fashion-forward, editorial and creative makeup looks using airbrush makeup

Soft and natural touch for the blush using an airbrush ( AirBlush )

Spot cleaning and deep cleaning your airbrush gun.

Certificate Awarded Upon Completion

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