C07  -  PRO Special Effects Makeup Course

Let Your Dream Being a FX Makeup Artist Start Here.

This Course designed for those who want to learn FX makeup that can create injuries simulation effects for movies, drama, and many other events. You do not need any makeup knowledge to be an FX makeup artist. Join now and be an FX makeup artist and kick start your career now.

 Duration: 10 Lessons

 ( 2 Hours/Lesson )

Who this course is for:

  • Someone who wants to pursue a career in FX makeup.

  • Someone who would like to learn how to create illusions and visual tricks that are essential to many films and productions today

  • Someone who has a burning desire to share their imagination with the world.

What do you learn?

Makeup Course Outline

Healthy & Safety Procedures

Introduction of essentials FX products

Introduction of Makeup Brushes & Equipment

Different Types of Injuries

Different Type of Wounds


3rd Degree Burn

Acid Burn

Throat Cut

Finger Injuries

Abuse Wounds


Deep Knife Cut


Bullet Wound

Shattered Glass FX

Animal Attack Wounds

Hands-on Practical

Certificate Awarded Upon Completion