• Lack confidence with your own makeup?

  • How to choose the right foundation?

  • How to start my makeup for work?

  • What eyebrow suitable for me?

  • what I need in Personal makeup kit?

  • How can u look slimmer with makeup?

  • I have problem covering my birthmark or dark circle?

Are You Ready

For A Change?

Come and join us in the makeup challenge and take this opportunity to make your normal makeup routine and bring it to the next level.

Transform yourself in 7 Days.

Kenzooi Award Winning Makeup Artist / Mentor will guide you along the way.

1. Massive Clarity

  •  Your Who: Who are the people you are uniquely qualified to serve right now at this season of your life.

  •  Your What: What problems will you be helping them solve.

  •  Your How? How to create and deliver your product/service so you can create a massive positive impact for your clients PROFITABLY. 

2. How To Become The Only and Best Option For Your Ideal Clients

  •  Learn a Step By Step Process For Creating An Offer That Your Ideal Clients Are Already Needing and Wanting to Pay You For. 

  •  An offer that you will feel 100% great about sharing and promoting because you know it has real value.

3. How To Marketing Your Message For Massive Income, Influence, and Impact!

  • Learn powerful communication and copywriting skills necessary to powerfully and effectively share your message with those you want to serve.

  •  Determine where, and how to get your message out to your ideal prospects. 

  •  We will cover Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, e-mail, SEO, Networking, Influencer Marketing, Direct Mail, Radio, Print Advertising and more to help you determine how to as profitably as possible get the attention of and convert your ideal customers.


Makeup Guru / Mentor

Photographer / Videography 

Face & Body Painter 

Airbrush Makeup Artist 

Online Business Consultant 

What they have to say about us..

All Kenzooi apprentice students & their work......

Many of them now can makeup themselves confidently and many also become certified makeup artist & trainer in all the International cosmetics brand in the market..... all over the world.